The Spanish Candles


It was the summer of 2007. Just weeks before starting their first year of college, Mike Boyle, Cam Sarrett, and Brent Toler met in Cam's parents' house (their usual band practice spot) and decided that their next musical venture should be more raw, less calculated. And thus, The Spanish Candles were born in a sweaty attic with a song that can only be described as a half hour long, indie rock, free jazz jam; a formless Dinosaur Jr.-style epic titled "USDJ."

Over the course of the next year and a half, The Spanish Candles invaded Nashville’s underground rock scene. They wrote around 200 nonsensical songs about everything from pillows to being “horny at forty.” They became “pretty much responsible for exposing a lot of college kids to the idea of house shows” (Nashville’s Dead) and toured with future local luminaries like Natural Child, PUJOL, Heavy Cream, and Diarrhea Planet. Then, they all but disappeared. Brent and Mike joined Diarrhea Planet, while Cam’s musical energy was devoted to garage power-pop act D. Watusi. A Spanish Candles show went from a twice-a-week normality to a twice-a-year event, leaving many to wonder if a proper album would ever see the light of day.

In 2013, The Spanish Candles achieved two important goals. First, they rerecorded their long-awaited debut album, Triple Date in Paradise. Second, they finally managed to go on the triple date after which the album was named. (Somehow, Mike, Cam, and Brent had never managed to have girlfriends at the same time, and thus could never achieve the elusive band triple date.) Triple Date in Paradise deals with the uncertainties that come at the end of college, namely, the pressures of having to make important life decisions and girls. Some songs — like the first single, "Bitchin," — tackle both. In classic SpanCan fashion, the album is 40 minutes of “haphazardly handed three chord pop gems,” (Nashville Scene) a la The Replacements and Pavement, sprinkled with 60s surf-rock instrumentals.