Uncle Bad Touch


Formally Uncle Bad Touch, now UBT. Priestess frontman Mikey Heppner's garage-alt side project with male-female vocals, lo-fi production and 60’s pop hooks that add up to a sexed up sound.

They are a guitar/bass/drums band, but do not dare call them typical. UBT are a revival band in a sense, echoing the dirtiest of garage rock sounds from all the way back to the MC5It has been a while since I was able to point to a band that’s into garage purism as much as Uncle Bad Touch. Simply put, these three basement rockers are The Gories of this decade, with a hell of a lot more sleazy swagger about them. This is made abundantly clear within the first screeches of “I Wanna Love You,” as bassist and vocalist Kathryn McCaughey wavers between making a move of quick passion or putting it off until a later date.

Everything is so loud on this record, and it’s awesome that way. Do you remember how any time James Williamson so much as touched his guitar strings on Raw Power, it sent a harsh, shrill pierce to your eardrums? UBT may as well have applied that setting to every microphone while recording this album, and it works very well for what they do. This LP came out in latter days of 2011, and it sounds as if you pulled it from a sleeve crammed in between Kick Out The Jams and Here Are The Sonics. The trio does break tradition on a few occasions, which ends up making them even cooler. - 402 Productions