Sometimes known as Saigon Baby (we just couldn't decide), a Nashville supergroup that released one concept album about sex with robots in the future. Once out-of-print, now back for yr enjoyment!

A party buttrock metal band boasting members from jam-metalers JEFF and gleeful pop slop maestros Meemaw.

The gentlemen who normally comprise 3/5 of JEFF and Meemaw combined forces as Wizardz to crank out some greasy, full throttle, psychedelic, muscle-bound punk rock. 

What they’ve come up with is a dream catcher-adorned, muscle-toned mix of punk, classic rock and a little Southern working-class camp value thrown in for flavor. It’s quite possibly the perfect soundtrack to blare from your restored Camaro, speeding through a sunny afternoon in Smyrna while sporting an ironic handlebar mustache and matching trucker hat.

- The Nashville Scene

Saigon Baby aka Wizardz aka JEFF/Meemaw aka Children of Soul aka Massive Guitars And Massiver Hooks aka Beer Is Time And Time Is Money aka Local Honey Is Most Awesome. 

- A commenter on The Nashville Scene