Yucky Duster


Yucky Duster consists of four friends based in Brooklyn who use sassy pop songs to convey earnest ideas about both the mundane and special things in life. Like their new EP’s title suggests, Duster’s Lament continues their bouncy, totally relatable exploration into life’s bummers. They talk gentrification, changing relationships, creeping anxiety, just plain growing up-- and when they sing “I don’t mean to be a drag, I’m just having one of those years,” it’s almost like they’re echoing the whole world’s thoughts (RIP 2016). But while there’s a lot of reflection and truth here, the 60’s-style harmonies, vocals that are equal parts riot grrl and twee, and sprinkles of laughter and vibraslap keep Duster’s Lament from getting too melancholic. Instead, there’s a hopefulness in Yucky Duster’s songs that we could all use right now.









Tour Dates

3/3 - Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville - TIX
3/6 - Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale - TIX
3/11 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 - TIX
3/12/17- Athens, GA @ WUOG's Backyard BBQ
3/17/17- Austin, TX @ SXSW (Esther's Follies @ Midnight)
4/14 - Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right - TIX
4/29 - Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale - TIX
5/17 - Philadelphia, PA @ Boot and Saddle*
5/18 - Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right* - TIX
6/8 - Brooklyn, NY @ Goldsounds - TIX
6/15 - Washington, DC @ Black Cat*
6/16 - New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine*

*w/Charly Bliss