Infinity Cat Cassette Series: Yucky Duster

$3.00 $6.00

Yucky Duster consists of four friends based in Brooklyn who use sassy pop songs to convey earnest ideas about both the mundane and special things in life. Duster’s Lament continues their bouncy, totally relatable exploration into life’s bummers. It's got everything: self-reflection and straight-up truth, 60s-style harmonies, twee-meets-riot-grrrl vocals, even sprinkles of laughter, vibraslap, and kisses. And when they sing “I don’t mean to be a drag, I’m just having one of those years,” it’s almost like they’re echoing the whole world’s thoughts (RIP 2016). 

Limited to 350 yellow copies, Duster’s Lament is out January 13th as part of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series, curated by Casey Weissbuch. Preorders will ship to arrive by January 13th.

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