The Label

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The Beginning

On the night of July 20, 2002, Infinity Cat Recordings sprung to life by selling 11 copies of an album that hadn't even been made. Sure, their inaugural release had just been taped — live, for an audience of a few dozen at the long-since defunct Guido's Pizzeria. But the crude recording, made with a DAT machine taped to a back wall, hadn't been mixed, burned onto CDs or slipped into the photocopied sleeves that the band members would later hand-splatter with paint.

Selling records is sometimes referred to as "moving units." But in this case there were no units. And Tusky Mahloo by The Sex (ICR-01) wasn't an album so much as the promise of an album. In much the same way, Infinity Cat wasn't a record label, really, nor were the baby-faced brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall — then just 16 and 14, respectively — the electrifying, continent-hopping band they would eventually become. They were a pair of high school kids growing up on the West Side whose basement lair was as cluttered and chaotic as any teenager's hangout. Only theirs was heaped with stashes of experimental recordings and teetering towers of one-off music projects.

But the people who paid $5 that night, to have a just-recorded debut album by a trio of teens mailed to them whenever and however it was finally manufactured, did so because they believed one thing: Whatever the particulars of the finished product, it was going to be good.

And as The Sex became JEFF became JEFF the Brotherhood — a hard-touring duo with sold-out shows from Brooklyn to L.A. and a major-label record deal that's just kicking in — fans of the scrappy record label the brothers started out of their parents' basement a decade ago have continued to snap up just about anything they release for that very same reason. Jack White is often credited, and rightly so, with helping expand and deepen Music City's reputation. But long before Third Man opened its doors on Seventh Avenue, Infinity Cat had already become the heart through which Nashville's punk-rock arteries pumped their noisy, vibrant blood — helping make the city synonymous with a raw, restless strain of rock 'n' roll, and doing it on almost no budget. - Steve Haruch, The Nashville Scene (Cover photo by Eric England)


The "NOW"

Infinity Cat is Jake and Jamin, Bob the Fatherhood, Holland, Ale, Jessica, Callie, and D. Boone the cat. If you want to say hello, you can email, tweet at us, message us on Facebook, or stalk us on Instagram. If you have a problem with yr order, shoot us an email at and we'll fix it right away. And hey, if you want the world to see you sporting Infinity Cat merch, you can also email us yr name & picture & we'll put you on our site! rad!Photo by Angelina Castillo

D. Boone also likes to spend a lot of time on the computer. Although he doesn't answer emails, he does take a lot of selfies and post them on Instagram. He just wanted to let you know.

The Infinity Cathouse is located at 467 Humphreys St, Nashville, TN 37203. If yr in town, be sure to swing by our Visitors' Center and say hi. We've got tons of VC-only rarities, out-of-print records and t-shirts, and vintage goods from Bob and Jake's collections for purchase. (We also usually stock the fridge with free Red Bull and stale tortilla chips.) We're open Monday through Friday, 12-4 PM or you can call us on the Infinity Cat Hotline at 615-730-8417 to set up a separate appointment.

PS: The picture at the right was taken by Angelina Castillo. You can check out more of her work at

The Future

...could be you! But we no longer accept physical submissions. So if you've got an album you think we'd like, give it to one of our bands on the road! Keep in mind we sign about 1 band a year! In the meantime, stay on the look out for Ed Schrader's Music Beat's new album Party Jail, re-issues of Diarrhea Planet's Aloha and Yama-Uba EPs, and a few other things we have up our sleeves...