"Counting Sheep" by R. Ellis Orrall


Counting Sheep is the story of a boy who can't get to sleep because the sheep he was counting have escaped to the woods for a crazy dance party. They keep him up all night, uhtil he awkens to find it was all a dream. Crazy, right? Nuts, huh? Your kids will love it, right? Yes, correct on all three counts. See a preview of this gem right HERE. Includes a CD with a musical version of the book. What? We said "Includes a CD with a musical version of the book". A little something extra for the children. Want it inscribed and signed by the artist? Just tell us who to sign it to and you'll have a personalized version for yourself, or as a gift to someone who will want you to read it to them again. Again. Again. Again. Again PLEASE! One more time and I promise I'll go to sleep!

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