Diarrhea Planet "I'm Rich But Only On The B-Side" Misprinted LP


We love hearing from you guys. But sometimes what you're saying to us doesn't make any sense! Like "my Diarrhea Planet record has two b-sides." What? How can that even happen? But it turns out, some of them really DO have two b-sides! It's magic, we suppose.

So we went through our whole stock and pulled out these double-b-sided "I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams" LPs just in case anybody's interested in them. We like to call them the "I'm Rich But Only On The B-Side" records. Like our "Hell Bent" pack of bent-up LPs, these are NOT for collectors. However, they're a perfect fit for those of you who need spare records to craft into bowls and clocks and whatnot, or those of you who want to prank your friends (the label says A-side but plays B-side - what a confusing time you'll have together!), or just reaaaaaaallly love "Babyhead." We get it. That song's great!

Comes with the original packaging (jacket, insert, and download code of both sides of the album). These are random colored records so we can't guarantee a color for you. But we can guarantee that it'll have two b-sides. And that's the truth!

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