Dion Lunadon "Com/Broke" 7"


From cutting his teeth back home in New Zealand as a member of The D4 to his current role as bassist of Brooklyn-based A Place to Bury Strangers, Dion Lunadon has played in some form of a rock & roll band his entire life. During a short break in touring with APTBS, Lunadon had a rush of inspiration in the form of a creative spasm— a neurotic impulse to make a batch of songs and do it right then and right there. "I sat down, really pissed off and I wrote and recorded all fifty of them. Com/Broke is about being anti- what's expected of someone entering their mid-life. Most people mellow out, but I don't want that. I want to create music that is even more ugly and more real. Lyrically, it’s from the perspective of me being resigned to giving up and essentially giving in. Negative.”

Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl with offset printed covers, Com/Broke is out on February 19th on Infinity Cat Recordings.

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