Ed Schrader's Music Beat "Jazz Mind"


Sold Out

Here at Infinity Cat, we're all about family. And we are proud to announce that Baltimore duo Ed Schrader's Music Beat is now part of the family! We love these guys and we think you should too, so we picked up some copies of their debut record for you to check out. Stereogum sez "Jazz Mind, the duo’s debut album, blasts through its 11 songs in 21 minutes, but it finds plenty of colors and moods before ending... They can do frothy, feral trashcan screams, demented psychedelic garage, and tunefully sinister indie-pop." SPIN sez "Baltimore beat-punx surge forth like a two-man Pop Group, Swans as a funk band, PiL as LiveJournal." We say "You ain't seen nothin yet!" New album "Party Jail" out now.

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