Ed Schrader's Music Beat "Laughing" 7"


As our inboxes were flooded with orders for Party Jail, we quickly realized that our supply was much smaller than the demand. Ya hear that? The first pressing is almost sold out in less than two months! While working on a second pressing, we figured we'd attempt to satisfy the desires of enthusiastic fans worldwide with a 7" of one of our fave tracks from Party Jail: "Laughing." On the flip side, we've got "Bedouin Tramps," a previously unreleased track from the same sessions that'll have you dancing sweatily in no time!

This 7" is the real deal. The vinyl is the blackest of black and just feels nice in your hand. The covers were hand silk-screened here at the Infinity Cathouse. There were just 300 made, with 100 only available at Ed Schrader’s Music Beat shows and the remaining 200 available at the Visitor’s Center in Nashville, TN and right here online. (For those of you who can't make it out to a show.) If that's not enough, we're throwing in a PEACE LOVE INFINITY CAT bumper sticker with every order. Cuz we feel like. The choice is clear. DOO IT.

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