Infinity Cat Cassette Series: Jaill


Written, performed, and recorded by frontman Vincent Kircher in the spare bedroom and basement of his Milwaukee home (aka Vinnie's House of Doom), Wherever It Be is undeniably whimsical album, dealing with topics like hermit crabs, body odors, and surfing oceans in outer space. Songs are submerged in descending harmonies and delayed out arpeggiators, beaming with a sense of positivity in the face of a world that’s totally absurd, keeping us feeling warm & cozy during these cold winter days. Here's what Vinnie had to say about it:

I don't think there's an amp on the album.
If I had more songs with the back up phrase dee-dee like in flight risks, I was gonna name the album dee-dee and that still makes me think of Dexters Laboratory.
I made this in the bedroom and the basement, I think that's one reason for the diversity on the record.
Josh evert mixed and mastered the album and really brought it out of it's shell with, not only clarity and warmth, but also grit and urgency That I hadn't really put in.  And it feels dynamic and fun now, many miles improved.
Helen g poser drew the crab cover.  It was part of a collection of small drawings she's made for me and I always liked this one a lot; it's been my background on my phone for too long.
This album came together so wonderfully quickly. Casey weissbuch from infinity cat was drumming for Colleen green this summer on a tour jaill got to be on. He asked for material, said it would be out soon, got him the album nov 1, now it's coming out. Thats rad.
Wherever you are loved is wherever it be.

Limited to 350 translucent yellow cassettes as part of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series.

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