Infinity Cat Cassette Series: Milk Dick


Milk Dick is an avant-punk trio that formed in 2012 when childhood friends Michael Delaney and Megan Lazaros decided to start a band as a way to sublimate their perversion. Brian Indig joined the group after being put in touch with Mike through a mysterious and seductive mutual acquaintance.

Romantic Superstore is the fifth installment of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series. The album covers everything from the trials and tribulations of love and sexually transmitted diseases (”Bugs”) to New York’s vibrant party scene and less-than-vibrant puking-in-the-subway scene (”Last Real Party”). Milk Dick get half of their sonic quirks from Velvet Underground: the drum stylings reminiscent of Moe Tucker, the spoken word interludes, the “I’m Sticking With You” pop-doppleganger “Never Let On”. The rest come from punk heroes: The Clash’s vocal delays, the Cramps’ yelps, the Ramones’ fast and sloppy non-stop pop. Milk Dick pays homage in equal amounts of high fives (or hang tens) to The Crablets and The Beach Boys, but with their own hilarious twist.

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