Infinity Cat Cassette Series: Toby Coke


In 2015, Toby Coke was formed as a result of the time and isolation brought by relocating to a new city. Toby Coke is a tightly wound offering of noise and rock & roll, with the intent of exploring scenarios regarding man’s evolution past biology. The debut album Time Negator is rich, diverse, and driving, echoing themes of deprivation, reconciliation, addiction, and humanity at the point of the technological singularity.  It reads like a post-apocalyptic novel, unsure of how exactly we’ll get to this dusty, deserted wasteland but sure of its inevitability if humanity continues as is. Under hazy riffs that are equal parts PUJOL and Parquet Courts, thoughtful lyrics showcase the numbing effects of our technological dependence (“Off and on again, I don’t feel anything,” sings Joseph Frankl on “Equalizer”) and the dangers of our political and social apathy.

Limited to 350 translucent red cassettes, Toby Coke’s Time Negator is out now as part of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series.

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