Infinity Cat Cassette Series: Year 2 (12-Month Subscription)


Sold Out

Subscriptions to the Infinity Cat Cassette Series are SOLD OUT. But good news! You can preorder the first tape, Daddy Issues' Can We Still Hang, right here.

This is the YEAR-LONG subscription to our new Infinity Cat Cassette Series, curated by Casey Weissbuch. Starting June 30th, we'll send you six cassettes by our favorite up-and-coming bands so you can say you knew em when. The subscription is the only way we can guarantee that you'll never miss out. PLUS, you'll also get a secret bonus item from each band. (Last year, people got postcards with butts on 'em, holographic posters, even rubber duckies!) PLUS, we're also gonna throw in a subscriber-only limited-edition CS of JEFF The Brotherhood's Wasted On The Dream with your first tape.  

What's your first tape, you ask? WELL WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIER TO TELL YA! The 2015 Infinity Cat Cassette Series is kicking off with... drumroll, please... DADDY ISSUES! Yeah, you've probably noticed our Daddy Issues obsession in the past couple months but in case you haven't, here's the scoop. Daddy Issues was originally conceived as a parody Twitter account by three close friends -- Jenna, Jenna, and Emily -- who decided to turn their 140-character wit into three-minute pop songs. They're somewhere between witchy grunge and surf glam, basically what the girls from The Craft would sound like if they had opted to start a band instead of Invoking The Spirit. Their first album Can We Still Hang is full of grungy earworms that take equal inspiration from Veruca Salt and Taylor Swift, paying homage to the rise of sad girl culture without taking itself too seriously. This one goes out to all the Creepy Girls living in a Shitty World!! 

Let's recap:

  • Six cassettes, starting off with Daddy Issues' Can We Still Hang
  • Six special secret surprises
  • A subscriber-only limited edition CS of JTB's Wasted On The Dream
  • Twelve months of music
  • Happiness

NOTE: US and Canadian orders will be charged full shipping upon purchase. Foreign orders will only be charged shipping for the first cassette and D. Boone will contact you with additional shipping options. 


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