Infinity Cat Cassette Series: Year 3 (12-Month Subscription)


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This is the YEAR-LONG subscription to our third annual Infinity Cat Cassette Series, curated by Casey Weissbuch. Starting July 22nd, we'll send you a cassette by one of our favorite up-and-coming bands so you can say you knew em when. Since these tapes are limited to 350, the subscription is the only way we can guarantee that you'll never miss out. PLUS, you'll also get a secret bonus item from each band. Could be a sticker, could be a poster, could be a love letter. Who knows! All we know is, getting a cassette in the mail every other month is a pretty dope deal. 

We're also very proud to announce Toby Coke as our first artist! Formed as a result of the time and isolation brought by relocating to a new city, Toby Coke is a tightly wound offering of noise and rock & roll, with the intent of exploring scenarios regarding man’s evolution past biology. The debut album Time Negator is rich, diverse, and driving, echoing themes of deprivation, reconciliation, addiction, and humanity at the point of the technological singularity. You can hear the first single "Never Be Alone" on Stereogum. Time Negator will be available on translucent red cassette, hitting mailboxes on July 22nd.

This year, we're also giving out some very special Infinity Cat "Come and Drink It Now With Us" koozies with your subscription to help keep all yr favorite summertime drinks cold, while also letting people know that you have great taste in music. Mocked up here with a classic lemon LaCroix can. Mmm, refreshing. 

Let's recap:

  • Six cassettes
  • Six special secret surprises
  • Twelve months of music
  • One more bonus item cuz we love ya
  • Immeasurable happiness

NOTE: US and Canadian orders will be charged full shipping upon purchase. Foreign orders will only be charged shipping for the first cassette and D. Boone will contact you with additional shipping options. 

Limited to 50.

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