JEFF The Brotherhood "Wasted On The Dream" Preorder #3


Sold Out

WELL HEY THERE. So you missed out on preorder #1 and #2. Well you know what, it's okay. We still have some copies of Wasted On The Dream on blue/white vinyl and CD. NO BUMPER STICKERS OR SLEEP MASKS, SORRY, but hey, you will be guaranteed a copy of the world's greatest rock & roll album!

Here's what Stereogum says about Wasted On The Dream: “Black Cherry Pie is a righteous beast of a rock song featuring dense grunge guitars, swaggering Bonham drums, trippy prog-rock synthesizers, and a flute solo by Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson himself. The whole record is like that, a bold convergence of rock ’n’ roll history that sounds like a million bucks and hits like a million bucks in quarters." Or how about the Boston Globe (where our bros were born): "Wasted On The Dream  is tight and snarling, an amalgamation of punk brevity, metal riffs, and garage attitude, tailor-made for blaring from parked cars idling while their passengers figure out how to maximize the night’s fast, cheap, and out of control quotients." ALRIGHT!

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