Infinity Cat Cassette Series: Left & Right


Sold Out

Left & Right used to be a sloppy college band of four university transit bus drivers from Charlottesville, VA. After college, they cut the shit, kept the name, and headed for Philadelphia. You might think they sound kinda like those cool North Carolina indie bands from the 90s that your older brother used to listen to, like Archers of Loaf and Superchunk. Drawing heavily from Gen-X indie rock, Five Year Plan twists and turns between relentlessly energetic pop-punk and soaring slow-jams, capturing both the melancholia and joy of a quarter-life crisis with its endless hooks. It’s music for getting together, breaking up, grabbing a slice of pizza, and doing it all over again. Never has being bummed out sounded so fun.

Five Year Plan is the third installment of our Infinity Cat Cassette Series and limited to 300 translucent green tapes.

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