JEFF The Brotherhood Outlines Festival T-Shirt


Everyone can't live in Nashville. It would be too crowded. But we wish everyone could experience our beautiful musical "city". For example, we would have seen you at The Stone Fox's recent OUTLINES FESTIVAL, where it has been said that JEFF The Brotherhood closed the show with the best ever show of rock in Nashville history! And where our very own Jessica from Heavy Cream would have made you a custom hot dog at the Infinity Cat Grill. And for no money you could have seen D. Watusi, JP5, Richie, Promised Land, Bully, Tristen, The Ettes, Fly Golden Eagle, Clear Plastic Masks, James Wallace and the Naked Light, Natalie Prass, KinShip, Ranch Ghost, and Weekend Babes (we got some vinyl coming on them). And you would have bought one of these beautiful t-shirts (or maybe all 3) and you would be wearing it now. And looking good, by the way. Choose between Red print on Cream, Black print on Cream, or Black print on a grey Tank Top. You can't go wrong!

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