Rozwell Kid "Good Graphics" LP


Rozwell Kid is the rock and roll brainchild of frontman Jordan Hudkins. Born and raised in West Virginia, Hudkins’ landlocked upbringing imbues the band and their tunes with a restless energy. He manages to avoid the sun-tanned decadence of some of his noise pop counterparts while keeping the tunes charged with the insouciant attitude of his LA post-grunge inspirations. The band draws from a variety of musical influences ranging from 90s punk to Weezer to the Broadway musicals that Hudkins listened to as a kid. Good Graphics, the Kid's fourth release, continues their stumble into adulthood. The album explores everything from the struggles of growing up (”Baby‘s First Sideburns”) to the simplicity of everyday pleasures (”Hummus Vacuum”), celebrating the absurdity of life rather than being weighed down by it. Welcome to the darker side of fun.

Originally released as part of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series, Good Graphics is now out on limited edition mustard yellow with halloween orange splatter vinyl, courtesy of Side One Dummy!

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