The Paperhead "The Paperhead Focus In On... The Looking Glass"

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A 12" slab of vinyl featuring brilliant psychedelic sitar drenched poppy goodness from the fresh young Nashville lads of The Paperhead. Formerly only available on spray-painted cassettes (put out by yrs truly), this album hails from London, where our friends at Ample Play let us bring a few overseas. The gents at Record Collector had this to say about it: "Symon’s Monthly Meteorological Magazine represents a lovingly uncanny evocation of Interstellar Overdrive – and if you can keep from breaking out into a beatific, shit-eating grin when the sitar and tabla come in on The Coyote, then frankly you’re made of sterner stuff than anyone here."

Available on UK Import LP (Ample Play) and new blue cassette (Burger).

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